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This article will help you master the game Lordz.io and become a lordz io pro player. We will explain how to get powers, explain all the powers and how to use them, give tips on how you can play with a controller, show how you can play Lordz io on a Mac and much more!

All you need to know about Lords.io

Lords.io is an amazingly fun game where you have to make your way through the map and kill all the other players. You can get powers by killing monsters in the game, or by buying them with gems. The best power to buy is probably the gold power because it allows you to steal gems from other people when they die near you, which will allow you to buy more powers sooner.

How to get Powers in Lordz.io?

You can get powers in Lordz.io. The source for this is the resource box. You must collect resources to be able to use them as powerups, but you can also collect other items that will give you a random buff or debuff

The Best Powers in Lordz.io and how to use them

You can use the best powers in Lordz.io to your advantage, and you need to know how they work if you want to be an effective player.

The best powers in Lordz.io are generally those that have a low cooldown time, so that you can use them more often and pick up the upper hand when the enemy team uses them against you. The best example of this would be the power called “Teleport.” It gives you a short boost of speed and distance, allowing for quick escapes or even better approaches at enemies on the battlefield!

Another great power is one called “Super Speed,” which allows users to move at double their normal speed for 10 seconds – this gives players enough time to escape dangerous situations and recover from damage received by other players during engagements with hostile groups who might otherwise win more often than not thanks only due their superior numbers alone (but not anymore!).

How to Play Lordz.io with a controller?

You can play lordz io with a keyboard, but it’s much easier to use a controller. And you don’t need to buy an expensive one—many controllers are compatible with Mac, PC and mobile devices.

The first thing you have to do is figure out which controller you want to buy—and that depends on your device! If you’re playing on a Mac or PC, then any type of USB controller should work fine as long as it supports MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) or Windows Certified accessories. You can also connect Bluetooth devices if they’re supported by your operating system (Windows 10 and above).

For mobile users: Apple iPhones are sold without included USB ports so if that’s the case for you then there are other options available besides Bluetooth! There are dozens of third-party adapters available which allow for wired connections using USB Type A ports instead; these will let players enjoy all their favorite titles right away without having to spend extra money upgrading their hardware first…

How to play lordz io on a Mac?

There are two ways to play Lordz io on a Mac:

  • Use an emulator, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. These programs allow you to run Windows software in a virtualized environment on your Mac. You can then install Lordz io and it will run pretty much like it would on a Windows computer. You can also install other games that require Windows, such as League of Legends or World of Warcraft (although these probably won’t work with the same performance).
  • Run the game directly on your Mac OSX operating system using WineBottler 3 (WineBottler 2 is no longer supported). This method might have its quirks but overall should be considered more stable than running the game through an emulator like Parallels or VMWare Fusion

This article will help you understand the basics of lordz io and improve your skills in game.

This article will help you understand the basics of lordz io and improve your skills in game.

You can find a list of basic tips and tricks to get started, including how to use the controls and some general gameplay strategies.


This article was written to help you understand the basics of lordz io and improve your skills in game. Lords is a game where players start off as peasants who can build their own armies, fight monsters, raid other players and gain control over different territories. The game also allows users to create clans/teams with up-to six members each; these groups then compete with other clans for dominance over regions on map using tactics such as raiding resources or conquering territories by force!

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