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If you were like me growing up, you probably spent a lot of time playing video games. Go ahead and admit it! It’s okay. I won’t tell your mom. In the early days, we would have to go to arcades or even play console games at home. But these days, the internet has changed the way we play games forever. There are so many free online games that anyone can enjoy—without having to download anything at all! So if you’re looking for some new ways to kill time while killing bad guys (or just being a hero in general), check out my list below of some of my favorite free online options:

1. Pacman

Pac-Man is a 1980 arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway. It was designed by Toru Iwatani, who based Pac-Man on a pizza with a slice missing. The character has appeared in more than 30 officially licensed games on over 20 gaming platforms since its original release, including ports, sequels and spin-offs of the arcade version.

The player assumes the role of Pac-Man (aka Puck Man), attempting to traverse a series of screens filled with dots and fleeing from four ghosts named Blinky (pink), Pinky (pink), Inky (blue) and Clyde (orange). The goal is to eat all of the dots while avoiding being caught by any ghost or dying from being trapped in a corner or running out of time.

2. Tiles

Tiles is a puzzle game where you have to match the tiles with the same pattern. Once you match two tiles, they disappear and more tiles appear on the board.

The game can be played on your phone or computer in a browser or downloaded onto your phone as an app. It’s free to play and easy to play!

3. Zuma

Zuma is a puzzle game where you shoot balls at colored balls in order to make sets of three or more of the same color. The balls then disappear. The goal is to eliminate all the balls before they reach the skull at the top of the screen.

It’s easy to enjoy playing Zuma, even if you’re not an avid gamer—and it can be just as challenging as any other video game out there, too!

4. Minesweeper

The original Minesweeper is still a classic, but there’s no reason to stick to the old-school method of playing it on a desktop computer. You can play the game online, on your phone and even in your browser. There are even versions made specifically for mobile devices.

If you’re looking for a more modern take on this addictive game, check out Minesweeper Genius (which offers hints if you get stuck) or Google’s version of Minesweeper (which lets you choose from different levels).

5. Pinball

Pinball is a game where you try to score points by getting a ball into holes on a board. You can play it on your computer, or on your phone or tablet. You can even play it on your console!

There are many different types of pinball machines available for free online. They all have slightly different rules, so I’ll explain the basic rules here:

The goal of pinball is to get the ball (called “the flipper”) into one of three holes at the bottom of the board by hitting it repeatedly with another object called a “flip.”

There are online games for everyone to enjoy!

You can play any of these games on your own or with friends. You don’t need to buy anything or download a file, either. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes to spare!

There are many ways to play games online, but they all have one thing in common: they allow players to interact socially while playing. This means that it’s important not only that you enjoy the game itself but also who you’re playing it with, whether it be family members or friends from around the world!


So, as you can see, there are tons of online games for everyone to enjoy! Whether you like shooting games or sports games, there’s something for everyone. And the good news is that these days many of them are completely free. Hope you’ll have fun playing our favorite online games!

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