How To Beat the Bank Robbery Mission


Welcome to the big leagues of stealing cars! In this guide, we’ll show you some of our favorite strategies for beating the bank robbery mission in Grand Theft Auto 2. This is a crucial step in leveling up your character and becoming a professional criminal. We’ll give you tips for saving up for a better getaway vehicle, explain how your car’s speed can make or break your success (and maybe even save your life), and take you through the entire heist step-by-step. So don’t go robbing any banks unless you’re ready to do it right!

Read the Newspaper

The newspaper is a tool that can be used to help plan your robbery. Read the newspaper to learn the bank’s schedule, so you know when it’s open and when it’s closed. This will give you time to plan your heist for a time that suits you best.

You may also need this information in order to escape or getaway from police. If you know where the nearest police station is located, it can help guide your escape route and avoid being caught by police officers chasing after you.

Save Up for a Faster Car

If you’re going to beat the bank robbery mission, you’ll first need to save up for a fast car. The best way to do this is by selling drugs. The fastest car in the game is the bullet, but it isn’t available until after completing “the trial.” If you want an alternative method of getting some cash on hand, try robbing banks or completing other missions that reward money at their end.

Get a Police Uniform

The police uniform is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. You can use it to get into the bank, wear it when you rob the bank and then take it off when you are done with your business. Once you have completed all three objectives, leave town as fast as possible while wearing the uniform so that no one will notice you are actually not a cop.

Once you have arrived at another location far away from Liberty City, remove your police uniform and store it some place safe until later on in case something goes wrong during your next heist!

Park Your Getaway Car Nearby

In order to make a quick getaway, you will need to park your getaway car as close as possible to the bank. The closer you park your getaway vehicle to the bank, the faster you can access it and drive off with all of your stolen goods. It is important that you park this car in a place where it won’t be easily spotted by police officers or robbers trying to steal from other banks.

You should also try not to park any vehicles near your own vehicle so that they do not obstruct its path when you are trying to leave in a hurry. You may want an escape route planned out before starting this mission just in case things don’t go as planned!

Rob the Bank

  • Get the money. This is the most basic objective of the mission.
  • Get the money without being seen by any of your enemies, including guards and police officers (and dogs).
  • Get into the bank and get one million dollars in cash from its vaults without being detected or killed by any of its employees. You may not use a gun to take anyone out, but other weapons are allowed as long as no people are harmed with them either.

Lose the Cops

You will have to lose the cops, which means you need to drive fast and carefully. Pick up a car and drive towards the garage. You should have a few police cars behind you, but they won’t be too close yet. If they are, slow down and try not to hit any cars or pedestrians while continuing on your path through Liberty City’s streets.

If you are pulled over by the police while driving, get out of your vehicle as quickly as possible (except if it’s armored) and run away from them in one direction until they lose interest in chasing after you; then go back to your car where they can no longer see you. If there are no other cars around for them to chase instead of yours, then try flashing badges at them until they decide that chasing after cops isn’t worth their time anymore…or at least until enough time passes for them forget about what happened earlier today when this whole incident started happening!

Return to Your Garage

Return to Your Garage

  • Go back to your garage and park the car.
  • Change out of your uniform and into your regular clothes, then get paid for completing this mission by talking with Mr. Black at the front desk of his office in Downtown Los Santos (if you haven’t already done so).
  • Save your game!

There are many different ways to beat this mission. Just make sure you have a good getaway vehicle!

To be successful, you need to have a fast car. It also needs to be nondescript, so that the cops can’t find it quickly. And of course, it should not be expensive or too flashy because you’ll be too easily caught by the cops if they are chasing you in your getaway vehicle!

The best way to escape is with an old compact car that has good speed and handling but isn’t flashy enough for the police to notice it right away. Make sure that your car is fast enough so that when the police try to chase after you, they won’t catch up with your getaway vehicle until after you’ve escaped from them!


We hope this post has helped you beat the bank robbery mission on your own. If you need any more tips, check out our forum or contact us directly!

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