How The New Guitar Hero Remote Works For PS4 Guitar Hero on PS4? Sign Me Up!


So, here’s the thing: I was a Guitar Hero kid. I remember when it first came out, and all of my friends were sitting around playing it. We stayed up until the wee hours of the night practicing, competing to see who could make it through Free Bird without messing up (spoiler alert: nobody made it through Free Bird without messing up). So when I heard that there would be a new guitar hero remote for PS4? You know I had to scream from the rooftops!

Guitar Hero on PS4? Sign Me Up!

The new guitar hero remote for PS4 is a big step forward for the series. It still has all of the features you know and love from previous versions, like frets that light up when you’re supposed to strum them (but not before) or buttons on the back of your neck so you can easily switch between chords and solos. But this version also introduces some exciting new features such as an additional trigger button on top of the neck, which lets you play chords with your index finger instead of your pinky—or both at once! And if that’s not enough, there’s also a touchpad in place of three buttons on the side.

The new guitar hero remote for PS4 will be available this fall for $179 USD/CDN/$299 CND

The New Guitar Hero Live Remote

The new guitar controller is an impressive piece of hardware. It’s comfortable to hold, the buttons are more responsive than ever before, and it features a durable design that feels like it can take a beating.

The new guitar is also easier to use than previous models; there’s no learning curve here if you’re familiar with previous controllers. If you aren’t, however, don’t fret: Activision has included a helpful tutorial mode in GH Live which will guide players through all of the different modes and mechanics in its game.

What’s The Pickup Like?

The new guitar hero remote is wireless, meaning you can play it without having to be tethered to a console. It’s bluetooth, too—so, no wires. The rechargeable battery lasts eight hours and can be fully charged in two hours, which is pretty impressive. It’s even shaped like a guitar!

That’s not all: the controller has an integrated speaker that lets you jam with your friends in real time while you’re playing games with them online or offline (which means you don’t need to have a separate sound system).

The new guitar hero remote for ps4 is a blast.

The new Guitar Hero Remote for PS4 is a blast! It’s easy to use and fun to play. You can use it with your friends, family or pets! The guitar controller is simple and effective as it uses the same technology used in previous generations of the game.

The new guitar hero remote for ps4 has made playing guitar hero more enjoyable than ever before. This is because you don’t have to take up space on your desk or wall with controllers anymore! Instead, they are stored inside the console itself while playing so that there are no wires hanging around either (unless you have an older version of the game). It also allows users who may not be able to reach other parts of their body easily due to injuries such as arthritis or diabetes related issues such as neuropathy where peripheral nerves become damaged causing pain when using them improperly due to lack of blood circulation resulting in loss sensation leading up towards nerve damage which could lead into amputation if untreated properly by doctors


This new guitar hero remote will be a blast. With full customization options, an easy-to-learn interface, and PS4 compatibility, this is definitely the version of guitar hero we’ve all been waiting for.

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