Here’s How To Be Prepared For Your Next Call Of Duty Match


Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play first-person shooter video game from Activision. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was released on March 10th, 2020 for both consoles and for Windows PCs around the world. This free to play Call of Duty Battle Royale mode has been in development alongside Modern Warfare since 2018 or before. Its massive sized maps, combined with its 150 player count (200 if you’re playing on PC) means that there’s no shortage of action in this fast paced multiplayer shooter. But what makes the game so good? Well, we’ve put together a quick guide that will help you get up to speed with the latest Call of Duty: Warzone games.

Scoping things out

  • Use the scope. No one likes to be “cheap,” but there are a lot of situations where using your scope can give you an advantage. For example, if your enemy is hiding behind cover and you don’t know exactly where they’re hiding, use the scope to peer over their cover and shoot them through it without exposing yourself. If there’s smoke in the area, the same principle applies: if you have a long range weapon then zoom out with your sniper rifle and look through it for enemies who might not be visible otherwise. You can also use this technique on walls—if someone’s hiding behind one side of a wall and trying to shoot at someone else on another side of it, aim at their feet and see if they’re still standing or lying down so that way when time runs out for them being exposed (or just wait until they move), then shoot them as soon as possible!
  • Use first person view mode as well because this will allow you see things from different angles while giving up less mobility than third person mode would provide since most players prefer using first person view when playing Call Of Duty games since this allows them more freedom while still allowing themselves access without needing anything else besides what comes with their computer system itself so all they really need is something like Google Chrome installed onto their laptop computer which should work fine before starting up any game like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 which will allow players much more freedom because there isn’t much difference between playing against another player while using only one controller vs having two controllers plugged into each other via USB ports located next door neighbors’ houses nearby yours which means now whenever

Get the jump on opponents

A few quick tips to get the jump on your opponents:

  • Use the Jump button to get a better position. If you’re in a tight spot, try using your jump to make it out of there alive. You can also use the jump button as an offensive tool against other players in order to gain better shots on them or simply escape from their line of fire.
  • Use the Jump button as a means to watch over areas you couldn’t see before, such as an elevated platform or rooftop. If you’re trying to find someone hiding behind some boxes but can’t see anything because they’re too high up for their character model, try jumping onto another box so that now both characters’ feet are at eye level with each other, allowing for better visibility and accuracy when shooting back at one another!

Grind to level 55

This is the first step to any Call of Duty match, and it’s important to know what you’re getting into. In order for you to start playing as early as possible (and have an advantage over your opponents), you’ll need to level up at least once. To be clear: there are no shortcuts here; other than spending money on DLCs or microtransactions, there is no way around grinding in this game. However long it takes depends on how much time and effort you put into grinding, but if you follow this guide closely enough, we promise that everyone will reach level 55 before they even enter their first multiplayer match of Call of Duty: Blackout!

Once you’ve reached level 55 and unlocked Blackout mode (which we’ll talk about later), then it’s time for another important step: finding guns!

Throw grenades to clear rooms

  • Throw grenades to clear rooms. Just about every room in a Call of Duty map is packed with equipment, and it’s not uncommon for there to be some enemy soldiers hiding behind that equipment. Don’t try going into these rooms guns blazing; instead, throw a grenade into the room. You’ll immediately kill anyone who happens to be in there, and you’ll flush out any others who may have been hiding behind cover.
  • Use grenades to destroy enemy equipment and cover. There are many pieces of equipment scattered throughout games’ maps—from sniper nests to flame turrets—and if you can destroy them without having your team get injured by the explosion or gunfire, then you should do so! By destroying enemies’ weapons, they won’t be able to shoot at yours when they respawn after dying; likewise, if they’re using something like an Anti-Air Sentry Gun (a machine gun mounted on top of a tripod) or an Artillery Strike Targeting System (a big radar dish), those will also become useless since they’ve been destroyed during their previous use by another player’s grenade blast!
  • Use grenades against enemies who are camping behind sandbags or other barricades: If someone uses sandbags as protection from bullets flying overhead during combat between opposing teams/teams within one squad versus another squad/you versus everyone else playing together on same team then tossing one inside this sorta structure might cause enough damage so that person cannot hide anymore; however keep in mind that this tactic only works if said person isn’t armed with anything other than his own rifle which means he hasn’t got much defense against incoming projectiles like bullets themselves unless he’s wearing body armor which makes sense since most soldiers do wear such things despite being heavy enough weigh down upon them significantly slowing down movement speed at best case scenario worst case scenario causing severe injury due falling over onto hard surface while being shot repeatedly until finally reaching point where bleeding becomes fatal injury

Use your fist, then your gun

When you’re not outnumbered, use your gun first. When you are outnumbered, use your fists first. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s appropriate to punch someone but the situation does look a little hairy, go ahead and try punching them first. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to fist fights.

If someone is shooting at me from behind cover, I like to throw a grenade at their feet so that they have to run away from their cover and then run over my grenade so that they explode in front of me so that I can shoot them with bullets too because every bullet counts!

Run and gun wisely

As you’re running and gunning, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not running out into the open. Instead, use cover and concealment. By staying behind walls or other items that can protect you from enemy bullets, you’ll be more likely to avoid getting shot by another player’s weapon.

Also remember: don’t run in a straight line! Being predictable is a surefire way to get killed. You should always try to change up your route from time-to-time by zigzagging as much as possible so it’s harder for enemies to hit you with their bullets (and vice versa).

Learn lean control

Lean is one of the most important mechanics in the game. It allows you to peek around corners, check behind you and more. To lean, hold down LB on Xbox One or L1 on PlayStation 4. You can also aim your weapon while using this mechanic.

Watch out for claymores, proximity mines and other explosives

There are a lot of explosives in this game, and they can be used to your advantage, but they can also hurt you. Explosives can be placed on walls and floors, so when you’re walking around a room or clearing it with gunfire be wary of where the explosives are placed. The claymore is an explosive that sticks to walls and floors when planted, which makes it very useful for making traps or clearing rooms before entering them. It’s also useful for killing enemies hiding behind objects like cars or crates because it will explode once someone steps next to it instead of having to shoot around corners at all times while playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts!

Use periphery vision and audio cues

As you play, try to keep an eye out for enemies while also listening to the game. Not only will this help you identify where they are and what weapons they’re using, but it will also help you learn how the game works.

Know your perks and armor (and use them)

To get the most out of your game, you need to know what your perks are. Perks are special abilities that can be used in-game during matches. They come in three different tiers, with each tier unlocking as you level up:

  • Tier 1 – Unlocked at level 1
  • Tier 2 – Unlocked at level 18
  • Tier 3 – Unlocked at level 38

Each perk has two options that can be chosen from within its respective tier. For example, Stopping Power is a perk unlocked in the first tier and it has two possible upgrades: one that increases damage by 25% when shooting through walls or another that gives players health back if they kill an enemy player who is using Stopping Power. Similarly, Juggernaut kicks in after taking too much damage but only lasts for 10 seconds while Sleight of Hand slows down time while reloading weapons so they can fire faster (so long as Sleight of Hand isn’t active). There are plenty more examples like this throughout Blackout which further add complexity to an already complicated game mode!

If you are a new player these tips will help you get better fast.

If you’re a new player and want to be able to jump into the game, these tips will help you get better fast.

  • Get familiar with the maps.
  • Get familiar with the weapons.
  • Get familiar with the perks.
  • Get familiar with the game modes and types of games that are played in Call of Duty multiplayer matches (e.g., Team Deathmatch or Domination).


If you are a new player these tips will help you get better fast. If you are an experienced veteran then now is the perfect time for a refresher course! Try to focus on one or two of these tips at a time because it takes practice to master all 10. When you have mastered all ten tips, feel free to write in with your own advice that we can share with other players! Just remember, it’s always important not just learn how but WHY.

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