Grand Theft Auto 2 Walkthrough. We discuss the missions and how to complete it with video guides


Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto 2 Walkthrough, which could also be called a GTA 2 guide. Inside we will help you through GTA 2 level by level and detail what each mission entails. Each level has a specific boss you must kill, but before that happens there are several missions in it. These missions can range from stealing cars to killing people or blowing things up. It is going to take some time to do each of these levels and complete this game 100%. It is not an easy game as it is not linear like most other games were at the time. But with our walkthroughs we hope that you get some guidance on how to play this game and how to finish it for each gang status!


GTA 2 is a great game, but it’s very difficult to get through. If you’re new to the series, this walkthrough should help you through it. This blog is about GTA 2 and other games in the series.


After you escape from the prison, you will be in the HUB ARMED CAMP.

You can get missions from either Gash or the Mafioso here.

The DMA Boys are at the top left corner of this hub and will give you missions after completing The Racket.

The Yakuza are at the bottom right corner of this hub and will give you missions after completing The Shakedown.

The Pimps are at the top right corner of this hub and they only have one mission: Smack Down!


  • You need to find the five pieces of the car and bring them to the garage.
  • When you have all five parts, you can start assembling the vehicle in the garage. The three remaining cars are found in:
  • The junkyard near where you started at this mission (you’ve been here before)
  • A building near Chinatown (to get there, go left as soon as you exit Chinatown)
  • An area south of Chinatown (at night)


At the station, you will be able to hire other gang members to help you in fights. Buy some weapons and get ready for a fight against the cops at City Hall.


  • Biskitts & Mafia
  • Mafia:
  • Biskitts:


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The Commerce – Pimps/Yakuza

  • Objectives:
  • Go to the Ammu-Nation and buy weapons
  • Drive to the Pay ‘n’ Spray
  • Drive to the Commerce Hotel in Oni Giri Plaza East, near Chinatown East while avoiding police attention


Headrock is the last boss in this district, and he’s a tough one. He has two attacks: one where he throws junk at you, and another where his head opens up to reveal a cannon that shoots fireballs. You need to dodge these attacks by either jumping or ducking (you can’t move) at the right time.

After defeating Headrock, you will get your final mission of this district: Run DMA Boys/Headrock


Here is the truce which Yakuza and Gash have agreed to. I don’t think they’re working together, but they seem to be fighting each other (fighting against each other).

Yakuza and Gash are fighting against each other. The player can choose who to side with in this conflict.

The player can choose whether or not he wants to help Yakuza/Gash out in their battle against each other.


The entertainment is a very interesting mission in which you have to help Biskitts and TFC (Terrified Female Citizens) get along. You know, because everyone always wants to be friends with the people who want to kill them. That’s why we’re so friendly!

Biskitts and TFC are at war with each other, but the goal of this mission is for them to make peace. The best part about this mission is that it gives you an excuse for a lot of fun activities: riding an elevator from floor to floor, shooting things out of cannons, and jumping off buildings. Let me tell you how I did it so that you can do it too!


  • Mafia is the entertainment district of the city.
  • Mafia is a crime syndicate that controls the city.
  • Mafia is a powerful enemy, dangerous and deadly to anyone who crosses their path. They have a ruthless and evil nature that makes them one of the most dangerous enemies in your game play experience.


When you arrive at the Residential District, you’ll be greeted by a message from TFC. They’ve set up a safe house for you here and would like for you to meet with their leader, who is waiting for you at the TFC headquarters. Follow your map marker to find it nearby.

Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto 2 Walkthrough. GTA 2 is a tough game, but this walkthrough should help you through it.

Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto 2 walkthrough. GTA 2 is a tough game, but this walkthrough should help you through it. GTA 2 is a great game and one of my personal favorites in the series.


For those of you who have played the game to death, I hope my walkthrough has been useful. For any newcomers, please keep your kind words for the end of this guide – not only is it incomplete but poorly organized. Many apologies to all!

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