GameGuru Celebrates Positive Reception and Launch



The Game Creators’ GameGuru saw an Early Access launch on Steam last month. This month, the company reported that the launch and feedback for the game-making software have been extremely positive. Feedback included easy to use controls and the variety of graphic styles ensured that each game created would have its own look. The Game Creators CEO, Lee Bamber, commented:

GDC was a great year for game makers, with many announcements and some new technologies on the horizon. More gamers than ever before want to create their own games and experiences, and it’s great to see this part of the market expand. GameGuru is ideally placed to bring the world of game making to a wider audience, and we look forward to introducing new technologies such as VR in the not too distant future. Our take-away is that people want a creative experience, and they don’t want obstacles and barriers to entry, and software that makes this process easy will go a long way.”

Priced at $19.99 on Steam, GameGuru looks to be a great deal for anyone who has wanted to create their own game. Updates will continue to roll out as the company listens to the users. The most recent one added team-based multiplayer.

[Source: The Game Creators]

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