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welcome to my blog about crossy road. this is a popular game with many pros and cons. i will be talking about the best and worst things about crossy road.


Crossy Road is a free-to-play iOS and Android game that’s similar to an endless runner. You play as a cartoonish animal, trying to cross the roads safely while avoiding cars, trucks and other obstacles. The goal is to get as far as you can without dying or running into anything.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new characters by collecting coins on the road. Once unlocked, these characters can be used in multiplayer mode or in mini games that are unlocked when certain characters are collected. These mini games include things like racing against others in a horse race or playing basketball with your favorite character!


Crossy Road’s graphics are simple but effective. The game looks like a cartoon and has a lot of the charm that goes with that. There are several characters to choose from, each with their own unique style (and my personal favorite is the cat). Also there are many different levels to play in, each one unique and fun.

The music is also very good, it fits perfectly into this type of game and it’s not annoying like some games have! The gameplay itself is easy enough for beginners but challenging enough for those who want more out of the experience; this makes it perfect for all ages!

There are lots of achievements which will give you more goals when playing along with leaderboards so you can see how well other players did over time – assuming they’re still playing after all these years…


There are some bugs that the developers need to get fixed. For example, there was a bug where if you go into the game and wait too long, it will close itself. You can’t get any coins or characters when this happens and then have to start all over again. Some other issues include:

  • When you try to buy a background for your avatar or character, it loads forever until finally telling you that something went wrong with your purchase (even if there was no error).
  • If your internet connection is not very strong or else loses signal often, it can cause problems in loading up ads and other content from different countries which may be hard on your computer’s processor speed especially when playing Crossy Road since everything needs to load separately!


Crossy Road is a fun game to play and it is a good game. The majority of the game is enjoyable, but there are some flaws that prevent it from being truly great. If you want a fun puzzle game with cute characters and simple mechanics, then Crossy Road should be at the top of your list. However, if you prefer more complex games or ones where there’s more to do than just moving forward (like collectibles or side quests), then Crossy Road may not be for you.

In conclusion: I give this game “4 out of 5 stars.”

crossy road is a fun and addictive game.

Crossy road is a fun and addictive game. I’d recommend it for people who like to play games on their phone or tablet. It’s a great time waster, and can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.


crossy road is a fun and addictive game.

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