CENSORED Rewriting the Avgn Movie for American Audiences


Hey, what’s up guys? And welcome to MovieBoozer, where we talk about movies that are only available on VHS. So today I’m gonna be talking about the original version of The Angry Video Game Nerd movie. Now, this is an awesome movie if you’re a fan of AVGN or video games in general. But there’s also an American version of it that’s shorter than the original and has had some things removed from it. So let me explain what those things are and why they were removed.

CENSORED: An introduction to the AVGN movie

You may have heard of the Angry Video Game Nerd, perhaps from a friend or colleague. If you’re unfamiliar with the AVGN and his golden age of YouTube popularity, then let me explain: The Angry Video Game Nerd is a fictional character and online persona played by James Rolfe. His videos consist of him playing vintage video games while he cracks jokes about them—and often shows how broken they are.

The AVGN has been making videos since 2004 and gained momentum in 2006 when two of his videos went viral on YouTube (one called “Real Ghostbusters: The Video Game” and another called “Dracula NES). Since then, he’s gone on to make over 300 more episodes that now number well over 5 million views each. He even has his own book titled “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.”

CENSORED: What could possibly be wrong with this movie?!?

We are all familiar with the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) from his YouTube channel. The character is a parody of the real life of James Rolfe, an actor and filmmaker who also goes by the name “the Angry Video Game Nerd.”

Rolfe has starred in over 100 episodes of his show since its inception in 2007, which have been viewed over 50 million times on YouTube alone (source). If you haven’t seen any of them yet, it’s extremely easy to get caught up – just search for “AVGN” on YouTube and start watching! And if you’re feeling extra nostalgic or want some new content from him, there’s also an upcoming movie called CENSORED: The AVGN Movie that was released earlier this year. This blog post will cover my thoughts on both versions of said movie…

CENSORED: Death threats and bad reviews

The movie was hated by everyone. It had a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4% on Metacritic. It was panned by fans, critics, the director (who requested his name be removed from the credits), actors and studio executives alike. The only people who liked it were people who hadn’t seen it yet…but even then they found a way to hate it eventually once they did see it for some reason or another:

  • “It’s too long.”
  • “The plot doesn’t make sense.”
  • “All of my favorite characters were cut out.”

CENSORED: The sequel that should never have been made


The sequel to the first AVGN movie was a disappointment to fans, who generally found it to be not as funny, well made or well received as its predecessor. While some argued that it was still better than most movies out there, others considered it a step down from the original. It’s also important to note that we’re talking about “the American cut” here; there are actually two versions of CENSORED: DIRECTOR’S CUT (the second one being much longer) and they both have their own merits.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch the AVGN movie. And if you don’t want to watch something so long, there’s now an American version you can watch too.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch the AVGN movie. And if you don’t want to watch something so long, there’s now an American version you can watch too.

The American cut of Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie has been edited to be more accessible to an American audience. It’s shorter and has been edited down from its original length of 2 hours and 20 minutes into a shorter runtime closer to 90 minutes or so.


The AVGN movie is a great movie that should not be missed. I’m glad it got released in theaters and even more glad that it got released on DVD so people who don’t live near theaters could see it as well. It’s worth every penny you pay to see it or own a copy of yourself. It also has some bonus features on the DVD, so if you do buy one, make sure to watch those too!

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