Best Characters for Skylanders Imaginators


As a big fan of both Skylanders and Crash Bandicoot, I was excited to hear that my two favorite franchises were joining forces. As soon as the game appeared in stores, I bought it and tried out every character available to see how they might impact gameplay. My conclusion: all characters are great, but there’s one that stands above the rest. Here’s why Crash Bandicoot is the best character in Skylanders Imaginators:

Kaos is one of the best Skylanders for Imaginators because of his special powers.

Kaos is one of the best Skylanders for Imaginators because of his special powers. Kaos has the ability to turn into a Dragon, which can be used as an advantage in battle. He also has a powerful spear that can be used against enemies by stabbing them with it.

This makes Kaos one of my favorite characters because he has all kinds of different things that make him unique from other characters.

Painyatta is a great character as well.

Painyatta is a great character to play as because of his special powers. Painyatta can use the power of fire to light up enemies, which is wonderful for taking out enemies in one hit. This is better than any other Skylander’s special power because it does not require any effort on your part to use or anything like that. You just press X and then you win!

Painyatta also has a special attack skill called “Fireball Frenzy,” which is similar to Spyro’s special attack except better because it does more damage, has more range and doesn’t cost anything at all to use (except for some health points).

Finally, Painyatta has a passive skill called “Head Banger” that lets him jump higher than any other Skylander in the game—even higher than Spyro himself!

Gearshift is good too!

Gearshift is a good character to play as. He can use his gearwork powers to power up his allies with various buffs, and even call in aid from a friend using the Teamwork ability.

He’s also got some useful attacks of his own like Launch, which creates a small earthquake that damages enemies within range; and Power Slam, which deals damage to enemies around him as well as knocking them away from him.

If you’re having trouble choosing between Gearshift and Sandy Shell (the other character who harnesses the power of gears), consider this: Sandy Shell specializes in defense-boosting abilities while Gearshift focuses more on offense. If you’re looking for someone who can be versatile when it comes to fighting foes both near or far away from themselves then go with Gearshift!

Crash Bandicoot is better than any of them.

Crash Bandicoot is the best character in Skylanders Imaginators, and he’s probably the best character that has ever been in any video game. He’s also the fastest runner and has some of the most useful special powers. Even though you can play as him on any of your consoles and you don’t have to have a PlayStation 4 to get him, I’d recommend getting him for PS4 because it’ll be easier for you to get other characters from this game once they start showing up more frequently.

Crash Bandicoot’s special ability is called “Drill Stomp”, which lets him jump into a hole in his level, then spin around like a drill before slamming down hard enough to break through rock. This makes it incredibly easy for players who are having trouble with certain levels—just drop into that hole and watch Crash smash through anything standing between them and victory!

Another thing worth mentioning about Crash Bandicoot: he looks exactly like how he did when he first appeared back in 1996! Most other characters we’ve seen since then have changed at least somewhat over time; but not Crash—he looks exactly like how people remember him looking (except maybe with slightly less fur). This means if there’s someone else who likes old school gaming just as much as us out there reading this article right now… well then maybe those two together could find each other!

Not even close. Crash Bandicoot is the bestest!

Crash Bandicoot is the bestest.

In all of Skylanders, no character has such a wide range of abilities as Crash. He can punch, he can jump, and he can even do something called “butt stomps” which are a lot like regular stomps except the name makes it way more fun to say. You’ll kick butt in just about any situation with him on your side!

He’s also got his super cool spinning attack move that lets him hit multiple enemies at once, which is great for taking out waves of weaker enemies or just being awesome in general! Plus, there’s something really satisfying about watching him spin around while he’s attacking—it just looks so good!

The best character in this game is Crash Bandicoot.

The best character in this game is Crash Bandicoot. He is the most fun and easy to use, and he’s so good that you can play as him forever without ever meeting a wall or boss that you can’t beat.

He also looks like he’s having the time of his life, which is nice because everyone else in this game just looks like they’re going through the motions.


I hope this blog post has helped you decide which characters to play as in Skylanders Imaginators. Most of these Skylanders will be great in the game, but I think Crash Bandicoot is really who you want to play as if you want the best experience in the game.

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