5 Tips For A Better Online wwe 2k16 Experience


I’m the kind of gamer who plays to win. I don’t see any point in playing a game that I am not good at. I want to be competitive and have fun, but also want to win in the end. Sometimes though, as much as we hate to admit it, we all have those days when things just aren’t going our way. We get so frustrated that we throw our controller across the room or even worse-quit (don’t do this). The first tip is to prevent throwing your controller

The first tip is to prevent throwing your controller.

The first tip is to prevent throwing your controller.

It’s okay if you’ve thrown your controller in the past and it feels like you can’t help yourself, but there are ways to stop this habit. For example, when playing online, try not to get mad at people who are better than you at the game or don’t understand how the mechanics work. It may be frustrating when someone beats you with a character whose move set is completely foreign to yours, but remember that everyone is different and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. If someone does beat you, don’t let them see how upset it makes you; instead keep calm and continue playing until they inevitably lose again (and then maybe throw their controller).

The second tip would have to be not rage quitting.

The second tip would have to be not rage quitting. When you’re in a match and things aren’t going your way, instead of quitting the game, give it another chance. If you keep losing and decide to quit after being eliminated from the match, then your team will suffer from your absence.

If you’re frustrated because of how many times the other team has killed you or how many times they’ve won a round in a row, don’t give up on that game entirely! You may think that it’s pointless for you to keep playing when things aren’t going well for yourself or your team, but if everyone quits then what will happen? The other players will win by default because there are no active players left.

My third tip for a better online wwe 2k16 experience would be to coordinate with teammates.

  • *Tip #3: Coordinate with teammates.**

There are a lot of ways to approach this tip, but the most important thing is don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re having trouble with someone, then ask them nicely if they would mind doing something different or something specific that might help you out. For example, “Hey man, could you not jump around so much? It’s making it harder for me to hit my finisher.” Or “Could we meet in the middle somewhere because I’ve been trying to tag in and out.”

Or maybe just ask for advice or suggestions on what moves work best against certain characters. For example: “Hey man! How do I go about hitting someone with a chair? These chairs are pretty tricky.” Or even just asking someone how they got their rank up so high (because let’s face it – some people have way higher ranks than others).

My fourth tip is to label certain moves or weapons.

My fourth tip is to label certain moves or weapons. This can be useful for both your learning, as well as helping other players. Labeling certain moves or weapons will help you remember the move, and also how to do it. If you have trouble remembering a certain move in particular, you can use this strategy to help yourself out.

My final tip for a better online wwe 2k16 experience is to never give up and let the douche bags win! ‘if you get knocked down, get back up’

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Don’t throw your controller when playing xbox one or ps4 games

Another way to improve your gaming experience is to take care of the controller. If you have an Xbox One or Playstation 4, then you can use the same controller for a long time. But if you play with it too much, it will break and not work anymore. So don’t throw your controller when playing Xbox One or Playstation 4 games in order to avoid breaking it! You should also keep track of which buttons do what so that way you can use them correctly when playing a game that comes out later on down the road!


Xbox one and ps4 gamers can always use more tips. We all struggle to win in every game we play and sometimes we get angry and throw our controllers or cuss at the game for being rigged lol. It happens to everyone so what I like to do is take a break from that game and come back later on when I feel more relaxed and calm. Maybe not after a stressful day at work but in my opinion, that’s just me. I’ve been playing games since Atari was out there so trust me when I say these tips will help.’

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