5 Fun Dinosaur Facts to Help You Learn and Play


A lot of people think that dinosaurs are boring, but this is not true. In fact, dinosaurs are super interesting and there are a ton of things to learn about them. This blog will help you learn more about dinosaurs so that you can impress your friends the next time someone mentions them!

There were other animals and plants around during the dinosaur era.

You may be surprised to learn that dinosaurs were not the only animals on Earth in prehistoric times. There were also many other mammals, like early forms of primates, that lived alongside the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs did not live alone; they shared their world with many other animals and plants.

In fact, if you think about it, YOU have some dinosaur DNA in your body right now (yup). You see, all living things on Earth are made up of cells—and all cells have DNA! Your DNA comes from both your parents’ bodies and is stored inside each cell’s nucleus (which is where its own DNA lives). When a parent gives birth to a baby during what we call conception or pregnancy (or creation), an egg from mom combines with sperm from dad in a very special way — this creates an embryo inside mom’s uterus which will later become baby! The embryo grows into a fetus at first then becomes an infant after birth!

T-Rex was one of the largest and scariest dinosaurs but also had tiny arms!

T-Rex is one of the largest and scariest dinosaurs. But did you know that T-Rex had tiny arms?

T-Rex was a super cool dinosaur because it had big teeth and claws, but also really small arms. The research team found that T-Rex’s arms were only about 2 feet long! That’s because he was so big, his body didn’t need big limbs to help him move around or get food. So even though you might think T-Rex had scary claws and teeth, it turns out he wasn’t the toughest guy in town…or the forest…or anywhere else!

Archaeopteryx is the only dinosaur that could fly.

You might be wondering, “What’s so special about Archaeopteryx? Why is it the only dinosaur that could fly?”

Archaeopteryx was a bird-like dinosaur and lived in Germany during the Jurassic period. It had feathers, wings, a beak, and even a wishbone! This makes it one of the most important discoveries in paleontology because it proves that birds evolved from dinosaurs. But here’s where things get interesting: The first fossils of this dinosaur were found without any feathers but later specimens were discovered with them! This means that Archaeopteryx began as something else entirely before evolving into what we know today—it started out as reptile-like but eventually grew feathers and developed other bird features (like wings).

The Deinocheirus and Therizinosaurus had claws almost as big as a man.

The Deinocheirus was a large theropod dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period. Its name means terrible hand, which makes sense when you consider it had claws about 6 feet long! It had three fingers on each hand and sharp teeth, so it probably used its claws to break down food before eating. The Therizinosaurus was another large carnivore with claws up to 5 feet long! This creature also had sharp teeth and likely used these claws for hunting or defense against other animals.

Deinocheirus’s claws were up to 6 feet long!

Did you know that Deinocheirus’s claws were up to 6 feet long? Did you know that Deinocheirus was a large theropod dinosaur? Did you know that Deinocheirus’s fossils were discovered in Mongolia? Did you know that Deinocheirus was an herbivore?

These are just some of the facts about dinosaurs we can use to help us learn more and play even better!

The Cretaceous Period was full of other life besides dinosaurs too!

The Cretaceous Period was full of other life besides dinosaurs too! There were plants, insects, small mammals and even birds. The vegetation during this time consisted of large ferns and conifers. It’s thought that there were also flowering plants during this period as well.

When you think about the T-Rex, it’s easy to imagine it as the only dinosaur around at the time. However, there were many other species that lived then; some of which we still don’t know about because they haven’t been discovered yet or have already been lost to time. The T-Rex may have been big but so were other types of dinosaurs like Titanosaurs (which is one of our favorite discoveries), Sauropods (which are often confused with Brontosaurus) and Carnotaurus – all three could weigh up to 10 tons each!


Hopefully, we’ve gotten you more excited (and maybe a little less nervous) about embarking on a plant-based lifestyle. We know the struggle, and we came to these tips—even the one about watching badminton!—through our own trial and error. Remember that the important thing is to keep on trying. As we covered earlier, you don’t have to go super hard on yourself for slip-ups, because this journey can take time and looks different for everyone. Plus, don’t forget that the best way to keep yourself on track is to keep it fun, keep it positive, and keep yourself engaged with the people and the world around you. After all, caring about others is a great reason to switch to this lifestyle in the first place!

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