30 Minute Car Games You Can Play With Your Kids


Every parent knows the next inevitable moment in road trip hell: when your kids start screaming, “ARE WE THERE YET?” And then they keep screaming that. And then you want to scream it, too. But before you pull over on the side of the road and leave your family behind forever, try these 30-minute games for kids that will make time fly by during long car rides.

Alphabet game

Alphabet game

A fun way to pass the time on long car rides is playing the alphabet game. This is a great way for your kids to learn their ABCs and build up their vocabularies at the same time. The rules are simple: one person says a word, but it has to start with a letter of the alphabet that comes before what they just said in order for it to be valid. If they say something that doesn’t sound like an English word or if it starts with a letter later in the alphabet, then everyone has to go back through everything they’ve said so far and choose another word until someone can come up with something correct! It can get pretty tricky when you have multiple people trying out ideas at once, but that’s part of what makes it such an entertaining challenge!

The best part about this game? You can play on any topic whatsoever! Whether you’re talking about history or science fiction novels; sports coaches versus military generals (did we mention he loves war games?); celebrities who look like certain animals—there’s no right answer here because there doesn’t need  to be one! Just pick whatever subject sounds good at this moment and let them run wild with their imagination until someone finds something appropriate enough for everyone else involved 🙂

I spy

The basic rules of this game are that someone starts by saying “I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter ____.” Everyone then takes turns adding to this sentence until they can’t figure out what they’re looking at anymore. It’s an easy game to learn and there are tons of variations you could try, like using your other senses (e.g., “I spy with my little nose something that smells good”), or making up your own criteria for what counts as a correct answer (for example, “I spy with my little nose something that is not food” might lead people to guess things like flowers or a dirty sock).

Changing up the rules also makes it more fun and challenging—you can make it educational by having everyone name things from different categories (like animals) instead of just objects; or you could go around in a circle and make each person guess one thing before moving on; or see how long it takes for someone else to guess what object was first thought up by their clue!

Sightseeing scavenger hunt

You can use a map or a phone to help you, but there are also ways to create your own scavenger hunt without the use of technology. You can split up the list of items and see who finds them first, or have everyone search for one item at a time. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could use these lists as inspiration for creating stories based on what you find.

If your child has never been to Paris before, then there are so many things in this city that will be new and exciting for them! The Eiffel Tower is definitely something they’ll want to see—and if they’re anything like me when I was little, they’ll probably want their picture taken next to it! There’s also Notre Dame Cathedral (or “Notre Dame”), which holds some pretty incredible architecture inside its walls—as well as some majorly important history (it was built by King Louis VII).

Car bingo

Car bingo is a great way to keep kids entertained on long car trips, or even short ones. We’ve all played the classic game of Bingo at some point, but here’s how to adapt it so that your children can play too.

  • Give each child a card (or make up your own). On their card write out numbers 1 through 80 and draw little circles below each number 1-5 times (if you want an easy version for adults then just put numbers 1-20). This will be your bingo sheet!
  • Take turns calling out numbers from the list as you pass over them. For example: “Hey mommy look! That house has a yellow door!” Your child would then mark off “Yellow” on his/her bingo sheet under number 22. The first person to get 5 in a row wins! If you want some added difficulty try playing with two cards!

License plate names

License Plate Name Game

  • Each person in the car comes up with a license plate that begins with the same letter as their name. If it’s your turn and you don’t have any letters to work with, use your initials or nickname instead.
  • The driver then tries to get all passengers to guess which letter they were thinking of by asking yes/no questions about what other people saw on their trip. For example: “Does anyone remember seeing anything with a G on it?”
  • If someone guesses correctly, they get a point and become the new driver for the next round; if not, then everyone gets one more chance to try and guess before starting over again (or until you find yourself stuck behind another slowpoke).

Slug bug

The first thing to know about Slug Bug is that it’s a game of challenges. The second thing to know is that it’s a game of charades. The third thing to know is that it’s a game of nonsense, because sometimes you have to make something up on-the-spot and act it out.

The fourth thing you need to know about Slug Bug? It’s a guessing game: one person makes up an action, then the next person has to guess what they’re doing. “I’m eating an apple,” says one player; another guesses: “Chewing gum?” Nope! “Kissing your imaginary boyfriend?” No! “Eating popcorn while watching the movie Slugs in Love?” Bingo! Now everyone gets involved and helps out with their own suggestions (or sometimes just some silly noises).

In short: Slug Bug requires creativity, imagination, fun—and maybe even some nonsensical yelling if things get heated enough!

Guess the sound

The guess the sound game is a fun way to pass time while driving through urban areas. You can play this game with just one person or a group of people, and it works for any age group as well as any number of people.

To play, you’ll need some items that make noise when you move them around in different ways—in this case we used coins because they were available and easy to find. Everyone gets into the car and then starts passing around the coins so that everyone has one in their hand at all times (it’s great for kids because it helps them practice their coin counting). The sound of these coins moving around will serve as your background music throughout this game!

To start off, each person should hold their coin up in front of themselves so nobody else can see what type it is and decide whether they think they know what kind it is by looking at its size/shape/color etc…If somebody guesses correctly then they win but if not then whoever guessed incorrectly loses!

Guess who’s drawing?

This game can be played in a variety of ways.

  • Draw a picture and guess the drawing.
  • Draw a picture and have your child guess the drawing.
  • Draw a picture then have your child draw another one, then you both guess who drew what out of each other’s drawings.

This game works best when the pictures are simple and easy to recognize, like animals or people – but it can also be fun if done with abstract art!

Make up a story together

One way to make up a story together is to start with your child’s idea and add on to it. You could compliment their idea with something like “And then there was a snake in the road!” or “And the cow said…”.

How long should the story be? It doesn’t matter! If it goes on too long, just keep adding on more parts until it feels like a good stopping point. This is an easy way for kids to feel creative without worrying about grammar or plot structure or anything else hard (or at least, not so hard that they’ll notice). If a certain twist seems too complicated (like if you have a talking cat who also has superpowers), try making up another twist instead; no rule says both twists have to happen in your made-up world, after all!

There are games you can play to make time in the car go faster.

There are games you can play to make time in the car go faster.

These games don’t require a lot of materials, preparation, or planning. They can be played in any vehicle and there’s nothing stopping you from using them on long road trips or even short jogs around town.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained, these games are a great option. They’re fun for all ages, and they can be played in any type of vehicle—even an airplane! Whether it’s just one child or many children in the car with you, there are options that will work well no matter how many players there are.

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